Top Reasons to

Visit Penang!

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Delicious Food

As the world-recognised street food heaven, food is the top reason for you to visit Penang! Check out the top 25 Penang street food that you cannot afford to miss!

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Street Art & Heritage Sites

George Town is one of the Unesco World Heritage sites. It’s a culture-rich city and has many awaiting-to-be discovered. Visit Penang and let’s travel back in time…

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unique hidden bars

If you think Penang nightlife is boring, wait until you discover all the hidden bars! The bars may be really tricky to find, but it’s very rewarding when you knock on the right door. Find them now!

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iconic sightseeing spots

Ok. Beaches, hills and temples should be on your list when you’re visiting Penang. But, there are certainly more that Penang can offer to you! Check out the best 26 things to do in Penang.

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an Emerging Tech & Startup Hub

Do you know Piktochart, Exabytes, Vitrox, Cytron, and many more startups are from Penang? Still think food is all we have? Come discover the Penang tech ecosystem at deTECH!